A Complete Guide to Choose best pillow for side sleepers

Side sleeping can lead to discomfort in the knees and hips, which is why finding a supportive side sleeper pillow can come in handy. Side sleeping is actually recommended for those who snore, because it makes the snoring lighter. It is also recommended for women who are in the later months of pregnancy. People with digestive issues also benefit slightly from sleeping on their left side.


Side sleepers often place a pillow between their knees to prevent lower back and hip pain. Having a pillow between the knees actually keeps your spine in a neutral position. The pillow between the knees should be softer than a pillow you would rest your head on. This is where side sleeper pillows come in to play. These pillows often have a raised contour near the bottom edge where the neck rests and a flatter part for where the head rests. Pillows made with foam will fit the natural contours of the neck and head better than traditional pillows.

Why Choose the Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

If you move around during the night and change positions often the best pillow for side sleepers may encourage you to toss and turn less and to stay in one comfortable position for the duration of the night.


You want to ensure that the pillow you select fits you. You do not want a pillow that keeps your neck too high or not high enough. This is why it is important to hold the pillows to your head while standing and try to see where the foam pushes against your head and neck before you buy. This will help you determine whether the contours are suited to your body.



There are many benefits to using pillows for side sleepers. First of all they are adjustable based on pressure and your body shape and enable you to rest part of the pillow between your knees, and on your neck. With a single side sleeper pillow, you don’t have to worry about the pillows shifting or moving during the night because there is only one pillow, catered to your needs. Comfort is of course a highly important feature for side sleeper pillows. Uncomfortable pillows will only result in stiffness or loss of sleep. This is why the search for the best pillow for side sleepers is such an important one.

How to Choose 

If you like to sleep on your side, then you understand the challenges associated with finding the perfect pillows for side sleepers. Many people are under the incorrect assumption that all pillows are equal, but this is not true at all. Every pillow should meet the sleeping habits of the individual, and side sleepers are not exception. In addition, every person has a different shape and preference for comfort levels which is why finding the best pillow for a side sleeper can be quite a challenge. You should choose your pillow for side sleepers based on the features and styles you want. There are some pillows which are designed to support the full body and others which only support from the knees up.



The purpose of the best pillow for side sleepers is to provide support to the head and neck as you are sleeping. The pillow ensures your neck and head remain in proper alignment with your body so that there is no pressure put on your back or spine while you sleep. People who sleep on their side need a pillow that keep the head and neck horizontally lined up so that the weight distribution is even. A lot of people who are side sleepers prefer orthopedic pillows or cervical pillows because they are thicker and will cradle the head more than other pillows on the market. This is actually an important feature to look for when you are searching for the best pillows for side sleepers.


Orthopedic side sleeper pillows will mold to the amount of pressure that is put on them. Cheaper models are thin and will flatten out quickly after you fall asleep while better models are thick and will retain the mold of your body. If the pillow flattens out while you sleep, you will wake up with neck pain. There are other models available for people who suffer from sleep apnea.

There are many materials available for pillows for side sleepers. The best pillows for side sleepers, as proven by health studies, are actually made from foam rather than feathers, polyester, or latex. There are contour foam and regular foam materials, but either work well for side sleepers. There are also hypoallergenic pillows for side sleepers with allergies.

To recap, the top features you should look for when searching for pillows for side sleepers are:

  • An indent for the head and neck
  • Thick product that will retain shape during the night
  • Foam material
  • Comfort

If at any point your foam pillow tears, it needs to be replaced. Damaged pillows cannot provide the necessary level of comfort.

Try a Side Sleeper Pillow Now

In conclusion, many people sleep on their side for medical or comfort reasons. When doing so, undue pressure can be placed on the spine if it is not in alignment. This, coupled with un-supportive pillows, can lead to a lot of neck and shoulder pain in the morning. By choosing the best pillow for side sleepers, based on the most suitable features for you, you can find the perfect pillow to fit your head and neck and remedy all of your sleep disturbance.

By looking online, you can find myriad of different shapes and sizes with different features. You can search for the right contour shape to fit your neck, find hypoallergenic pillows to alleviate allergies, and overall, keep your spinal cord in alignment while you sleep and get rid of pressure that would otherwise by placed on your lower back and hips. Finally you will be able to sleep soundly.